Miss W, Vets in Dorset, UK :

Here at our surgery we have been purchasing your condolence cards for our clients for a while now and we love them and so do or clients, it really adds a lovely personal touch and they really appreciate the gesture.

Mrs C-B, Delaware, USA :

I met Sarah Brown at the New York Vet Conference in November and fell in love with her cards. Thank you so much for your beautiful, artistic and heart warming cards Mrs Brown.

Mr I, Motherwell, UK :

Many thanks for your lovely cards, keep up the good work!

Mrs K, Cat Veterinary, Las Vegas, USA :

I just learned about your card in the petdek advertising. I love them, especially the watercolors.

Mrs H, Vets in Street, UK :

I have used your lovely cards at a number of practices that I have worked at before and am keen to use them again.

Miss W, Vets in Surrey, UK :

Lots of our clients comment on how lovely they are.

Mrs H, Vets in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK :

We are loving the new card designs, they are lovely and we will be stocking up with them next time. I particularly love the Sketch Drawings - They are so tender.